Morgan DeVinck

Morgan DeVinck

Reboost Engineer

Morgan DeVinck or Moop/Moops is one of our certified Audio Engineers hailing from Bellevue, Washington. His passion for DJing started at 19 when he had already figured that music would have a special place in his life. At such a young age, he knew for sure this was the career he wanted to pursue.

At 21, he moved to Los Angeles and attended the Recording Connection Audio Institute to obtain his Audio Engineering certificate. He also got himself enrolled in the Advanced Audio Engineering course. After moving to LA, he worked with and recorded various artists and full bands from different parts of the country. Morgan's mantra is to make every client satisfied with their work, even if it means working day in and day out without any break. His success as a musician can be easily attributed to this unyielding attitude.
  1. Mixing Samples
  2. HIP HOP I00:00
  3. HIP HOP II00:00
  4. HIP HOP III00:00
  5. HIP HOP IV00:00
  6. HIP HOP V00:00
  7. INDIE00:00
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