Nickolas Grimaldo

Nickolas Grimaldo

Reboost Engineer

Nickolas Grimaldo (a.k.a. GG) is a multi-faceted Record Producer and Audio Engineer. Originally from San Diego, GG developed a passion for music early, learning the bass guitar and piano which lead him into songwriting. Inspired by both the technical and creative aspects of making music, he decided to pursue a Music Production and Recordingdegree at the LA College of Music in Pasadena. Since coming to LA, GG has recorded/mixed/produced everything from full bands and live performances to hip hop and R&B records. If you’re looking to take your creative vision to the next level, look no further.
  1. Mixing Samples
  2. ROCK I00:00
  3. HIP HOP I00:00
  4. HIP HOP II00:00
  5. HIP HOP III00:00
  6. HIP HOP IV00:00
  7. POP I00:00
  8. POP II00:00
  9. POP III00:00
  10. R&B I00:00
  11. R&B II00:00
  12. R&B III00:00
  13. R&B IV00:00
1 review
Michael Spann
We are glad we booked a session with Nick and so glad we did!!! We all absolutely loved working with him! He made it easy and comfortable for all or us. We will for sure be coming back and he will be our go to person.


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