Zachary Dowd

Zachary Dowd

Reboost engineer

Zach is a sound engineer with a degree from Berklee College of Music. After graduating college in 2019, he moved to Los Angeles to gain various experiences and expand his career. He acquired his firsthand experience at CyberSound Studios and worked with many different hip-hop artists. It established the foundation of his sound engineering career and gained a substantial reputation. Currently, Zach also had his training in vocalizing and writing. Combining his talents, skills, and expertise in sound-making and engineering.

Zach greatly possesses the skills of recording, amplifying, enhancing, and mixing sounds for various Hip-Hop artists.
  1. Mixing Samples
  2. Hip Hop00:00
  3. Hype Rap00:00
  4. Indie POP Rock00:00
1 review
Karina Halphen
Zach did amazing work on my song. It was my first time in a professional studio and me made me feel so comfortable! He really made my vision for my song come true. Definitely booking all my sessions with him going forward.


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