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Welcome to UNION Recording Studio – the epitome of recording excellence.
Discover the ultimate haven for your recording aspirations. You can immerse yourself in our unique workspace, where creativity can take center stage. We have carefully built our recording and monitoring rooms to make your music sound amazing, so every note you play or sing comes out crystal clear. Additionally, we've got all the coolest equipment you could dream of, ready to use. Let your musical talent soar in our recording studio, where there are no rules holding you back.

Why Choose Us?

If you're searching for a recording studio in Los Angeles that feels more like a creative haven than just a place to lay down tracks, let me tell you why UNION Recording Studio should be your first choice.

Top-notch Gear: A lot of high-end equipment is required during recording. You need to use appropriate equipment to achieve the perfect, crisp sound that your audience expects, such as mics, amps, mixing software, speakers and more.

At our recording studio, we provide all of the highest-quality music recording equipment, and we're always updating them so that you have access to the best when you record your music with us.

Talented Audio Engineers: At our studio, you will get an opportunity to work with Grammy-nominated sound engineers. Our sound engineers are knowledgeable in their field and passionate about music. They work with you to create the perfect sound.

Client-Centric approach: At UNION Recording Studio, the best recording studio in Los Angeles, we are for you. For us, creating a final product that accurately reflects your artistic vision is our top priority. To achieve this, we strive hard, approach each project differently and go above and beyond your expectations.

Adaptability: At UNION, we are well-equipped, have the best team and have excellent recording space. With these advantages, we are capable of dealing with different kinds of audio projects, such as music production, album recording and more.

Round-The-Clock Service: We are a dedicated team and are aware that creativity has no set definite hours, so you’re welcome all the time. Our 24-hour recording studio enables you to work even at night.

At the best recording studio in Los Angeles, we are committed to your artistic journey. We don't just want to produce a song; we want to be part of the story you're telling through your music. Here, your melodies are polished, your beats come alive, and your voice finds its truest expression. Here is where the magic happens, and when you play back your tracks, you'll hear the music and the love and care that went into creating it at every stage.

With UNION, it's like having a trusted companion on your creative voyage, and that kind of support can turn a simple recording into a masterpiece.

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Union Recording Studio Hollywood Affordable Studio Rental
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Our Works

Best Rap Studio in Hollywood
  1. Rap I3:06
  2. Spanish Rap1:27
  3. Pop1:24
  4. R&B3:50
  5. EDM I4:21
  6. EDM II2:57
  7. Rap II3:00
  8. REGGAETON I2:27


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Professional Recording
Creative Mixing
Pitch Correction
Instrumental Re-arrangement
⁠Stem Mixing / Mastering
⁠Album /EP Dedicated Mastering
⁠Production Analysis / Artistic Development

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* Studio capacity is up to 4 (four) people.



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1. Public parking near plaza:
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2. Private parking:
1110 N Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029
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More than 4hr - $10

3. Street and metered parking available on Oxford ave.
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