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10 Tips And Techniques Of Hip-Hop Song Writing

A hip-hop song to stay in the hip-hop category does not only depend upon the music it has. But a song best fits into the hip-hop category, with having the sensible lyrics and being rooted with the feel. So, if you are looking forward to writing down a hip-hop song, then follow these tips. And by the time you reach the end of this post and read all the tips, indeed, you will be able to write a hip-hop song like a dope.

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3 Deadly Rapping Mistakes You Need To Stop Making In 2021

In this post, we are going to pen down some of the most unnoticed mistakes that the rappers are making these days, and are not getting the boom in their career that they deserve. So, here we will not point out the things like you need to practice more, write down good songs, or how the beat plays an important role in the rap. But here, we are going to pin point the mistakes that people do not know that these things can harm their growth. So, here are the mistakes that you need to stop doing. And after you read this post, it will be sure that you will change something in your raps this year.

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Essentials that make up for the perfect recording studio in LA

What do you consider while looking for a music studio in LA for recording the perfect masterpiece for your performance? Other components, such as instruments and soundproof rooms, might be important, but one aspect that you tend to forget to understand the importance of the floor.

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Tips for finding the right recording studios in Los Angeles

Are you a passionate artist looking for a space to record your music? Are you searching for a location that will be centrally accessible and will also offer you affordable rates for the best equipment?
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Top Tips for Getting Music Featured on Spotify and Radio

Once you have a fantastic recording in Los Angeles, the next step is getting the world to hear your music. Getting your music featured on Spotify and radio is the best way to promote music, because listeners mostly interact with new music through radio and streaming apps. 

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What does EQ do in Music Production?

In music production, we often hear about ‘EQ’ or ‘equalization’. But what exactly is equalization and how can it transform your music as part of a professional mixing and mastering in Los Angeles?
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How to Write a Successful Hip Hop Song in 2020

If you want to make it as a hip hop artist, you need to have strong tracks behind you. When
you first start out, it can be a challenge to know where to begin creating successful hits.
When searching for a recording studio in Los Angeles, you need to be confident in your
songwriting skills. Read on to discover how to write a successful hip hop song in 2020.
Intro, Verse, Hook/Chorus
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Improving Your Vocals for a Hip Hop Recording

Like any artist, vocalists have to train and perfect their craft. Rapping puts a particular kind of strain on your vocal cords, and knowing the best strategies to improve your vocals can be the key to an iconic rap recording session.

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