How to Upload & Promote Your Music on YouTube Shorts

How to Upload & Promote Your Music on YouTube Shorts

good news! YouTube Shorts are now available for you. Similar to TikTok and Instagram, YouTube has come with new features and brought new marketing opportunities with the chance of going viral in the short-form video sector!

In essence, YouTube Shorts are a condensed version of YouTube. These are quick, shareable vertical videos that can be generated using a smartphone and the YouTube app, much like the video material on TikTok & Instagram.

Start uploading your music to YouTube Shorts for promotion. The process is super easy and will give you great opportunities for promotion.

Read below to know how to upload YouTube Shorts and ways to promote your music on the same.

How to upload your music to YouTube Shorts

As I have mentioned earlier, uploading your music to YouTube Shorts is easy and it is indeed one of the best aspects of this app. You can follow these 10 steps to create a YouTube short that features YOUR music:

1. Log in to the YouTube app first.

2. Sel ect the "create," button then sel ect "make a short."

3. Select the length of your shorts by tapping the number 15 above the record button. Keep in mind that you can capture videos for up to 60 seconds.

4. To speed up or slow down the video, select "speed."

5. Select "timer" to set the countdown, record hands-free, and select when to end the recording automatically.

6. Add your tune or audio file by looking it up in the YouTube audio collection. To find and choose a sound, click "add sound" (NOTE: After you've completed recording, you can still add a sound or song. The "sound" button is located at the bottom of the edit screen.

7. By tapping and holding the "capture" button, you can start recording.

8. After seeing the clip, if you're satisfied, tap "done" to add extras like captions.

9. Add a heading (max 100 characters).

10. To complete, click "upload".

Know the best 5 ways to promote your music on YouTube Shorts

Let's look at the best strategies for approaching your Shorts material in a way that supports better marketing and discovery of your music now that you know how to make, add music to, and upload a Short!

Similar strategies can be used to promote your music on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or any other short-form social media platform.

Remember these are the main points:

1. Be simple

The fun and simplicity of viral material are what make it so shareable and watchable.

Therefore, resist the need to create a complicated set with a storyline, multiple themes, and a suspenseful conclusion.

The current trend is relatable, spontaneous, off-the-cuff stuff, and people are LOVING it. Simply turn on your front camera, press the record button, and watch what you can create!

If you make things too complicated, especially if it's a dance or challenge, your viewers may become overwhelmed and become less likely to engage or, worse yet, simply click away.

2.      Identify the “Musical Moment”

It's not enough to add your own music and hope for the best when making a short-form video with your own track.

You must exercise creativity greater than that.

The "musical moment" must be identified.

That moves those 15 seconds to the front and is also referred to as the perfect song length of 15 seconds that will motivate listeners to develop their own dance, trend, or lesson.

The concept is helpful as it applies to every song that has become famous on other short-form platforms.

But why do you need to identify these moments? Because even if you think your music is great fr om beginning to end, a lot of the time it's the song's innovative and original presentation that keeps a song on the explore page for days.

3.      Keep the visual appeal

Most of the fun in the video consists of visuals. Continue to do so.

Think of some entertaining and original ways to enhance the visual appeal and characteristics of your Shorts in addition to simply recording yourself. For example, if comedy is your side hustle, memes are a definite hit. What better approach to capture the attention of your audience than to intersperse your song with a hilarious skit that will have them (and their friends) in stitches?

Not really a meme? That's all right too! There is already a tonne of meme-worthy, trending content and challenges that you can participate in without having to come up with any of your own.

Look into the discovery page and find what users are already engaging with. Further learn how to use the pre-existing content to complement your music or artist brand in a novel, creative way.

4.      Maintain consistency to become great

Becoming a sensation overnight is nearly impossible (unless your very first film becomes very popular). It takes time and patience to become a well-known content creator.

Maintaining consistency is necessary if you want to become a popular and respected music artist.

Simply put, the more often you appear on viewers' screens, the more likely it is that they will notice you or listen to your music than if you only sometimes release 15-second videos.

Additionally, the quick turnaround time of this form of transient content encourages frequent posting. Therefore, take advantage of it by posting more frequently, improving your visibility, and enhancing your online profile.

5.      Give what your fans want

Don't forget to take into account your back catalog when deciding which of your tracks to get creative with.

Or, more particularly, any songs that have already been highly appreciated by your fans or that have the greatest chance of going viral or being catchy.

Your Short will definitely be a success if you had a previous successful hit. Additionally, you never know what kind of treasures you could make with the knowledge fr om your past!


You should not miss the opportunity to promote your music via YouTube Shorts. The music industry is shifting as a result of short-form media and social media. These are platforms propelling artists onto the charts, spreading the word about new music, and providing a global platform for DIY musicians to get visible.

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