Rap songwriting techniques for beginners

Rap songwriting techniques for beginners


Though lyrics play an important role in any genre, these are the most crucial aspects of a powerful rap song. Moreover, rap is full of rhyme and rhythm. So, for a good rap, you need to know how to write better rap lyrics, rather than just how to write songs in general. This blog will help you know the fundamentals of writing a rap song, geared for aspiring artists, to assist you in discovering your voice, rhythm, and style in this vibrant genre.

Features of a Good Rap Song

  • Story

Rap and hip-hop music are all about "telling your truth." Since you're essentially putting the tale first, these genres can be more sensitive than others in many respects. Rap songwriting mostly relies on the speaker's narrative, yet the song structure is usually rather straightforward. The audience will be interested in the song only when will believe the rapper.

  • Flow

Flow is more important to rap songs than it is to other musical genres. Not only does your style need to be distinctive and catchy, but your cadence must be painstakingly constructed, with every lyric hitting the rhythm precisely as you meant. Practise your vocal delivery because rap music heavily relies on personal expression.

  • Lyrics

Rap verse composition requires the use of a wide range of literary devices. Rap songs are significantly more powerful when they use devices like double entendres, idioms, metaphors, etc. in addition to rhyme. Talented rappers understand that using wordplay to highlight their personal experiences can help them connect with listeners more deeply.

  • Beat

You need rap verses and an amazing beat while writing a rap song. Though verses should come first, don't undervalue production! Just because it sounds good, a powerful beat can propel a rap stanza to mainstream stardom.

You can find a producer, learn how to generate your beats or buy a beat online. While the sound of rap beats varies widely, classical hip-hop recordings frequently include beat samples from previously released songs. Rappers occasionally use samples to construct their beats or turn a song's chorus into a hook.

Tips for Writing a Rap Song

1. Express your Idea

A good rap must convey a message. Listeners will be able to judge if you're trying to write a rap song full of cliches and inspiration or if you're composing a song from the heart.

Do you intend to compose a diss track? Would you like to create a rap about your breakthrough? Talk about what you know about. Coming to an idea is the most crucial thing to do before anything else. Make sure your concept is true to who you are as a person, though it may not necessarily be "deep".

2. Create a Beat

Writing a powerful beat is one of the best ways to unleash your creativity. If you can solve this initial puzzle, it will be much easier to construct your rap song.

Spending time on your beats can help you become a better rap songwriter. This will allow you to arrange your track in a way that best suits your flow and cadence. Although it's important preparation, new rappers might not be willing to put in this kind of work. In addition, a lot of the greatest artists—like Eminem, J. Cole, Kanye West, and Tyler make their beats. This is beneficial.

If you are not comfortable with creating beats, you can get help from your friend, purchase online beats or hire a producer to create beats for you.

3. Come up with an Engaging Hook

To write a better rap lyric, you should come up with an engaging hook. This is the part of the song that stays in the mind of the listener long after they have done playing it hard. Hooks are brief, memorable passages that typically appear in a song's chorus and aid in expressing the concept of the whole thing.

Consider the catchy chorus of Wu-Tang Clan's "C.R.E.A.M." This hook is brief, yet it makes a lasting impression and is quite effective.

Your hook should capture the essence of the song. It must be succinct and direct. Writing a few hooks and then allowing some space between them is one tactic. In this manner, you'll be able to determine which hooks are catchy and which ones require revision. Hooks nearly invariably include a rhyme pattern and, if they do, a straightforward melody that is easy for listeners to connect with.

4. Build your Rhythm

Rap songs require a strong rhythmic cadence to be fully appreciated, even when superb lyrics make up a large portion of a great song.

Now launch the voice memos app, pause the beat, and begin creating a rap song. You may begin rapping using whatever sound you can think of, strange words, or silly syllables. The idea is that you should plan out your rap's cadence and rhythm.

Take a listen to other rappers. When you record, experiment with different kinds of verse-to-verse cadences. Take note of how other rappers play around with varied emphasis on particular beats and inflexions. Try your best to begin creating a rap song with these tiny variances in mind.

5. Work on Lyrics

When you start writing a rap song, do not be critical about everything. A strong rhyme scheme should be included, but beyond that, don't overthink this step.

Good songs come easily to the ears, and you don't have to sound like other rappers. To be honest, a lot of the well-known rappers have achieved their success by following their own path. You'll have time to go back and edit your work later in the process, so write as much as you need to.

6. Practice your Rapping Flow

Next, practice your rap flow. Put your rhyming to the beat on record. After you've listened back, consider which lyrics you should emphasise more and where you may add emphasis to improve your flow. It's crucial to develop your unique style because, let's face it, every rapper has a completely different rapping style.

7. Edit your Song

It's time to start editing once you are complete with the instrumentation, writing, and flow. You must edit if something does not suit you, such as words, lines, rhythm schemes and so on before you start recording.

Have the guts to listen to your song critically and make any necessary edits. Ask a friend to assist you if you are unable to do it on your own. For frank criticism of your writing and raps, you can also use internet forums.


Thus, you can write better rap lyrics using the above strategies. However, do not stop practising. It is one of the best ways to write better rap lyrics. To become one of the most popular rappers, write often and rap frequently.

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