Flawless Mixing & Mastering session in Hollywood

Flawless Mixing & Mastering session in Hollywood

Wanna eat a Pizza without sauce….?

Imagine you are listening to Driver’s license by Olivia Rodrego without a background Music and the sound effects….How many times do you think you would listen to the song like this?

And that’s why equal credits are given to the names of mastering engineer, mixer and the recording engineers along with the main artist and composers and producers.

A music without proper mixing and mastering is like a pizza or burger without sauces.

We can’t apparently see the sauce mixed in the stuffing of a burger or pizza, but if you want a perfect taste a perfect blend of all the ingredients are important.

It’s something similar with the Music today. Unlike opera, where the artist’s voice is the prime important component, pop music needs evocative lyrics, lingering composition of music and a perfect blend of both these by flawless mixing and mastering.


The Present Music

Information technology plays an essential role in updating studio technologies as well as music distribution and dissemination. The evolution of the studio also generates new tools and creation facilitators.

For a lonely composer, working on a piece of music with only one musical instrument is often insufficient. Today, technology can provide rhythmic and harmonic adjunct in real time – like virtual musicians almost. Instruments such as the bass, drums, and keyboards are available.

Some creative minds use Digital Audio Workstations on computers as creation tools for new musical interfaces. Today, there are development platforms, such as Max and Arduino, which permit the creation of unprecedented effects, instruments, and sonorities…. but having technology is not enough. The people using it are equally important. They shall know what they are doing. Therefore using online software for mixing and mastering may result in improved versions of music but these tracks are not flawless A good studio is always able to suggest music that speaks to the creator’s feelings. They understand what the music creator wants to convey through the music, take your track and make it sound GREAT!

The Music of the Future

In the current music industry, the situation is quite volatile. Record companies invest in well-known artists, or in new ones that fit their success model and need less refinements.

But there are music creators, who still live in the historical era and do not realize the importance of professional mixing and mastering aid in music creation in Hollywood. They name it as waste of money and even misguide the budding young music stars. Hollywood is a very demanding place.

A quick look at current market trends can shed some light on this situation. Past decades big names go on world tours and release new albums with relatively modest advertising. Popular rap, hip-hop, and electronic music artists keep their careers going by constant releases and a very strong presence in the media. Meanwhile, independent artists of all styles release their material with whatever marketing they can afford, this is a quiet a standard approach to music industry nowadays. Which means that if you go the extra mile to partner with a good mastering and mixing studio to add the finishing touches on, it can really give you an edge on the competition.

As the World Music category is not comprehensive enough, and all music currently made is somehow World Music! A talented and creative artist, shall submit music to agencies and publishers, when he/she is sure that they are pitching the best product available. The songs those are professionally mixed and mastered get great reviews from major publishers,

And once you catch the attention of major publishers, you may believe that your music now has a very good chance of getting the publishing contract you desire!

Flawless mixing and mastering is an important parameter in Hollywood

Mastering music doesn’t mean just compressing a track and adding a bit of EQ, instead it’s the final stage of the music process and therefore the most important.

The mastering engineers act not only as a trail audience but also as a pair of trained ears that can improve your mix, create a cohesive listening experience and bring your track up to broadcast standards.

So, to get some good publishers ears on your track, beat the temptation to use cheap or computer generated, automatic services. Hire a professional with an affluence of experience in the industry. This gives your music a leg up to the competition. Today it’s very much necessary to stand out and take your music career to the next level.

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