7 Best Music Video Locations in Los Angeles for 2024

7 Best Music Video Locations in Los Angeles for 2024


Are you looking for a music video location in Los Angeles for your next video shoot? You are at the right place. Los Angeles offers a plethora of visually stunning backdrops that enhance the overall appeal of any musical creation. As we step into 2024, let’s uncover the seven best music video locations in Los Angeles that are sure to dominate the screens this year.

1. Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory is a fantastic music video location in Los Angeles. There are several reasons for its popularity. It provides breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings, making it an ideal setting for a number of scenes. The observatory is also a famous landmark featured in many TV series and films, lending it a nostalgic and nostalgic feel.

One of the biggest urban parks in the country, Griffith Park is home to the observatory and a number of other filming locations, including open fields and wooded trails. Lastly, the observatory's distinctive architecture, which combines elements of Beaux-Arts and Art Deco, can give any movie or television show a unique and eye-catching touch.

2. Venice Beach Boardwalk

Venice Beach is a diverse and vibrant destination that has been a popular filming location in Los Angeles for many years. It is known for its unique blend of bohemian culture, street art, and beachfront charm, making it an attractive location for filmmakers who want to capture the laid-back Southern California lifestyle.

Filming in Venice Beach offers several advantages, including the neighborhood's distinctive visual appeal. Colorful murals, graffiti art, and eclectic architecture provide a unique and visually striking backdrop for a broad range of film and TV productions. Whether you are filming a romantic comedy, an action movie, a music video, or street and skateboard scenes, Venice Beach offers plenty of creative inspiration and opportunities to create memorable productions.

3. Downtown Los Angeles Arts District

Downtown Los Angeles, also referred to as DTLA, has become a popular music video location for Los Angeles in recent years. This bustling neighborhood features some of the city's most recognizable landmarks, such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Staples Center, and the Los Angeles City Hall.

Filming in Downtown LA has a significant advantage due to the neighborhood's unique aesthetic. The area mixes old and new architecture with historical buildings alongside modern skyscrapers. The neighborhood's gritty and urban feel has made it a popular music video location that explores the darker side of city life. The sleek and contemporary buildings provide a futuristic backdrop for sci-fi and action films. Downtown LA is also home to many cultural institutions and iconic landmarks, such as the LA Philharmonic and the Museum of Contemporary Art, which can add depth and richness to any production.

4. Bradbury Building

The Bradbury Building is a stunning architectural masterpiece located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. It is a perfect setting for filming mesmerizing music videos. The building's Victorian-inspired design is truly iconic, featuring ornate ironwork, grand wooden staircases, and sunlit atriums, which added an aura of timeless elegance to the production. The historic halls and the intricate details can add depth and mysticism to the videos.

5. The Getty Center

The Getty Center is a popular filming location in Los Angeles. It boasts a unique blend of modern and classical architecture, well-crafted gardens, and the city’s stunning views. The complex comprises six buildings that offer diverse backdrops, from sleek and contemporary to traditional and classic, making it an ideal location for filmmakers looking to achieve a specific aesthetic for their productions.

The Getty Center's gardens are also a significant attraction for filmmakers, providing a variety of natural settings for outdoor scenes. The Central Garden's natural ravine and waterfall, the themed Herb Garden, and the Sculpture Garden offer endless possibilities to create a serene and visually stunning environment. Additionally, the Getty Center's hilltop location provides panoramic views of the city and mountains, making it an excellent backdrop for any production.

6. The Walt Disney Concert Hall

Frank Gehry, a renowned architect, designed the Walt Disney Concert Hall with meticulous attention to detail. The hall is an architectural masterpiece that boasts a unique design with curved stainless steel panels that reflect sunlight in fascinating ways, providing a visually striking environment.

The modern and futuristic appearance of the Walt Disney Concert Hall has made it a popular setting for artists who want to explore avant-garde themes in their music videos. The hall's unique design elements provide a stunning backdrop for any performance or event.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is more than just a venue for performances; it is a work of art admired for its beauty and uniqueness.

7. Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is another popular location for music videos in Los Angeles, known for its luxurious and sophisticated vibe. It has become a preferred site for filmmakers who want to capture the essence of Hollywood's golden age. The area characterizes iconic architecture, upscale shops and restaurants, and picturesque streetscapes.

Filming in Beverly Hills has several advantages. Its grand mansions, ornate gardens, and elegant storefronts provide a perfect backdrop for films that explore themes of wealth, power, and decadence. The wide, tree-lined streets are ideal for filming scenes that require a spacious and visually appealing setting. Additionally, the luxurious hotels, restaurants, and shops throughout the area provide ample opportunities for filmmakers to showcase the opulence of the Beverly Hills lifestyle. If you want to film scenes that radiate wealth and success, Beverly Hills is the perfect location.


Los Angeles is a great place for music video production in 2024, with a range of creative and inspiring locations to choose from. Iconic spots like the Griffith Observatory, the Arts District, and the Bradbury Building are perfect backdrops for artists to narrate their stories. These locations offer a visual feast that not only complements the music but also transports viewers to an imaginative world right in the heart of Los Angeles. Expect a captivating and visually stunning experience that blends music and scenery seamlessly.

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