10 Tips And Techniques Of Hip-Hop Song Writing

10 Tips And Techniques Of Hip-Hop Song Writing

A hip-hop song to stay in the hip-hop category does not only depend upon the music it has. But a song best fits into the hip-hop category, with having the sensible lyrics and being rooted with the feel. So, if you are looking forward to writing down a hip-hop song, then follow these tips. And by the time you reach the end of this post and read all the tips, indeed, you will be able to write a hip-hop song like a dope. 

So, let’s get started!

  1. Set Your Mood Right For Writing - When you want to write down the song, your mood and mind have to be in a position of writing. The idea here is, you have to take 15 to 20 minutes to let your mind come into the writing mode and disconnect with whatever you were doing before you were sitting to write. This has to be done because, whatever you were doing, taking an Uber to a place, hanging out with friends, reading a book, was having a meal, or were doing anything, that is still in your mind lingering all around. And the same has to be removed so that you get a fresh mind that is involved in writing. Only if you do this warm-up you can have a great song coming up your way. So, for 20 minutes, write down something in freestyle that you can really think of performing somewhere, and then after, write down the rap you wanted to really write.
  2. Pick Up The Beat - Well, you know when you are just an upcoming star, you do not have hours and hours, and you can’t spend that much time and money to choose a track and to rack up your mind to get the beats. So, picking up the beat has to be done maximum in 30 minutes, and not a single minute more than that. To choose a beat, you have to remember where do you want your song to be played. Do you want people to sing your song in a music fest, arm in arm, in their car, humming the same when they are traveling to a place and all the time? So if this is what you want, get a beat simple, but amplifying, believe your guts that this is the best and bug-up, choose the beat and move to the next step. 
  3. Where Is Chorus In The Beat - Now, you need to identify where the chorus is. The idea of the chorus is to release the tension of the verse. The song writing is all about tension and release. The chorus holds the note of the song, and that is like the home of the song. That part with many instruments and changes in beat makes the song very interesting and enjoyable.
  4. Get The Reference Track - Well, this is a thing that is quite underrated. But, now there are many rappers who use this thing. As there is just one beat you are singing the song on, to have more time with the lyrics and deliver them in a freestyle way, make the reference track.
  5. Start Your Verse With The Last Line Of Your Chorus - When you want to write the verse, make sure you add some words in the chorus that connect with your verse. And with the last line of your chorus, start the verse. For example, ‘I am the famous’ is the last line of your chorus, then start your verse like - I am the famous, famous needs a plan, I have got a plan, that makes me the way I am, funny and bland, that has got me fans. So, you see, you need to do something like this to connect the entire song and your rap.
  6. Write Down The Verse - Now, when you have to write down the verse, you already have your chorus. And as you read above, that you should continue writing the verse with the last line of your chorus, so do that. Pick up some line connecting adequately with the chorus, and jot down your first verse. 
  7. The Way To Second Verse - Now, the way to the second verse can be very tricky, and you might not get many ideas. You might find yourself questioning yourself about what to write now. So, here simply write down the outro and the bridge connecting the ideas of the chorus and the first bridge. This makes writing a song very easy. 
  8. The Second Verse - Now, when the bridge and outro are ready, your mind can quickly write the last verse by connecting all the words written above. 
  9. Record The Song - Recording the song has to be done, max in an hour, if you are doing the recording in a professional studio with the technical engineer. However, it depends on no doubt your experience and practice, but if you take more than an hour, you really need to work on the same, and practice more of live performances, and maybe do gigs often. Also, if you choose to record your song in one of the best music recording studios, the song recording process, with the technical engineer's experience, will become really easy. 
  10. Add Some Ad-Libs - Now, this is something you cannot afford to miss. Though these are not very melodious, but here we are writing hip-hop songs. So, a hip-hop song without ad libs will not create the environment you want. So do not forget to add them. Also, as the ad-libs are the hip-hop tracks' signature, ad-libs should not be missed in the song. So, to make the song best in the hip-hop category, the engineers in the recording studio, vehicle mixing the song can add them, very fittingly. So to get the best song recorded and to get the best results, make sure you choose only the experienced engineer and the best recording studio.

I hope these tips, tricks, and techniques help you in your song writing. 



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