How to Write a Successful Hip Hop Song in 2020

How to Write a Successful Hip Hop Song in 2020

If you want to make it as a hip hop artist, you need to have strong tracks behind you. When you first start out, it can be a challenge to know where to begin creating successful hits.

When searching for a recording studio in Los Angeles, you need to be confident in your songwriting skills. Read on to discover how to write a successful hip hop song in 2020.

Intro, Verse, Hook/Chorus

These are the structural elements that will make up your song. They will vary from song to song - some songs might have an extra long intro, whilst another might have no intro.

Most hip hop songs won’t burst into the verse straight away, but will start with an intro. The intro might include lyrics and rhythm from the hook.

The verse is where the bulk of your song will be. Most verses will be around 16 bars, and there will usually be two or three in a song. It can be easy to dismiss the importance of verses, but they need to grip the listener just as much as the chorus.

The hook will be what ‘hooks’ your listeners into the song. It needs to be catchy and resonate with the listener. It should be the ‘anchor point’ of the song, and its lyrics should sum up the song’s meaning.

Theme and style

The greatest hip hop artists are all known for one thing: presence. Adopting a clear style to your vocals, lyrics and beats is what transforms unconnected instruments and beats into a song.

There’s a fine balance between fitting in with the most popular genres and striking out on your own style. It can be good to fit your style into a familiar niche, but if you only mimic what other artists have done, you won’t be able to craft your own style.

Think about what fits with each song. Is your song angry? Then a louder, aggressive vocal performance with short sharp lines and beats might flow better with this style.

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Recording Studio


Every good hip hop song needs a solid beat. Many artists buy beats premade from online marketplaces. Even if you buy beats, it’s important to add your own mark to them, adjusting them with a DAW to suit your style. Be aware of copyright when using any premade beats.

You can also make your own using a DAW. Beats are generally made up of a kick, a snare, a bassline, and a hi-hat. When exporting your song, it is always best to export each of the instruments as separate tracks, rather than just the 2-track master file, so that the engineer can create a better mix.


A huge part of being a hip hop artist is impressing listeners with your rhymes. Rhyming and lyric writing is an art form, and it’s something that takes time to learn. Give yourself time to experiment, and don’t worry about what it looks like at first.

Experiment with lyrics, writing without holding yourself back. Look for striking imagery and interesting words that rhyme or half-rhyme with each other.

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