Must have studio gears for bedroom studio

Must have studio gears for bedroom studio

Bedroom Studio is a tiny set up next to your bed, and the minimum sound you need to record to your machine. It’s one of the popular trends now a days amongst budding music creators. Let’s have a look at what all is needed for a bedroom studio

The “Bedroom” Studio

While beginners still want to learn more, immediately. The truth is... you just have to start with a few things. And something else is going to confuse you potentially.

Thus if you haven't got a studio yet, the first milestone to go is a basic bedroom studio.

And you need the following 9 elements for a setup such as this:


·         Computer

·         Headphone Studio Monitors DAW Audio Interface

·         Cables

·         Stands for the microphone

·         Filter for Pop

·         Let's take a closer look at each one now...

1.    Computer

Nowadays, almost all remote recording studios are...

Obviously, the first thing you need is a machine.

And though any old machine can only be used, first and foremost.

Finally, you can invest in the best you can afford.

DAW's today can be hard to process resources EXTREMELY.


MacBook pro is the classic example

2.     The workstation for Digital Audio (DAW)

The digital audio station for recording, editing and mixing music on your computer is the first program.

Originally conceived to echo the look and sound of pre-digital analogue mixing boards...

Since then, their visual style has stayed the same.

Pro Tools, the longest-running DAW, ideal for all-class studios...

It's not the only option, however. However.

If you think that recording studios in l.a. Is an unnecessary expense then the best choice for you could be one of about 10 potential choices depending on your budget and music style. AvidPro Tools is a classic example.

3.      Audioschnitts

The next thing you need is an audio interface once you have the app.

While you record, INTO the computer and... OUT the computer during playback, this is the primary objective of having all required connections to send your music.

Included are:

Conversion to Digital

Preamps micro

Boxes for DI

Amps for the headset

Control monitoring

Any of these things usually reside in a high-end stand-alone unit organized in a rack in pro-studios, including Union recording studios. But these "all-in-one" financial interfaces can be hard to handle in the home studios.

4.    Microphones

This list's oldest item by far...

Microphones existed even before there were recording studios. However, ironically, very little has changed in all those years. And many of the best models of half a century ago still belong to today's industry standards. This doesn't mean microphones are a simple subject, because it's the opposite. Studios usually contain multiple dozen or more microphones...

Used each to accomplish:

• Different sound

• Different instruments

• Classic example sound

• SM57 shure, large diaphragm condenser

• NT1A rode,

5. Headphones

In contrast to other equipment in Studio, headphones are one thing for which we all know very well. At least... this is what most people take for granted.

But truth is, though a big "user" pair of headphones...

There are two special types of studio headphones for two very specific tasks for pro audio:

1. Headphones closed back

2. Headphones open up

Sennheiser HD280 is a classic example.


A bedroom studio might be a great idea, but may not be the perfect one. Dedicated home studio - a space in your home that is usually only used to record, both studio and acoustic.

Semi-Pro Studio, either at your home or elsewhere, usually has the equipment needed for the simultaneous recording of several musicians.

Pro Studio like Union Recording Studio – normally is a commercial establishment and requires whatever instruments are required to achieve the most effective professional results.

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