Tips for improving my rap flow and delivery

Tips for improving my rap flow and delivery


If you want to be a successful rapper, you must master rap flow and its delivery. It is highly desirable as even if you have good lyrics, people will not enjoy listening to you if your flow and delivery are not good. Whether you are an aspiring artist or a pro, finding your flow is essential. It's about constantly improving rather than just having talent. Here is some practical advice on how to improve flow in rap and distinguish your style. Now let's get started and transform those rhymes into something truly impactful!

What is Rap Delivery?

Think about rap delivery as a parcel delivery service similar to UPS. Your captivating cadences, smart wordplay, and mesmerizing rhyme schemes are your product or packaging, which has been put together into what we call a song. Once you've developed your amazing music, you must deliver it to the listeners so that they, too, can bask in its awesomeness!

Why Rap Delivery is Important?

Your rap delivery is quite similar to how actors perform. When you see a good performer, everything feels real. This is why a talented actor can elicit strong feelings from you, such as wrath, delight, and humiliation. The fact that they are acting from a script does not occur to you. It appears so real to us that we frequently believe the character they are portraying is who they are in real life.

A strong rap delivery will yield the same results and ensure that you leave a lasting impact on the audience. Music is about emotions, and people listen to it to feel something. Your rap delivery is your means of expressing how you feel emotionally to the listener.  Now, let's look at some strategies for how to improve flow in rap.

How to improve flow in rap and delivery

  • Speak about real things

If you can't feel what you're saying in the song, how can anyone else? Let your lyrics emerge from a genuine place. Discuss topics that elicit strong emotions in you when you think about them. These could include topics that make you happy, sad, furious, and so on.

  • Have Confidence

Confidence is essential for an effective delivery. If you lack confidence, it will be difficult for people to take you seriously and engage with what you are trying to share with them. Your delivery is how you sell your song and make listeners feel the same way you do. Here are some strategies to boost confidence...

1- Memorise the lyrics! The better you understand the content, the better you will perform.

2- Remember to practise! It goes without saying. Don't expect to spend just a few hours practising your song. You must practise till you understand your song like the back of your hand! You should know your song so well that you can rap it at any time.

3- If you're concerned about performing in front of others, start with performing for yourself. Lock yourself in a room, stand in front of a mirror, start practising and believe you're practising your song in front of an audience. Once you've worked up the bravery, play your song for a single friend or family member, then a handful of individuals at a time, and finally a group.

  • Think about the delivery pattern

Just as we establish rhyme schemes and cadence patterns, we can also create delivery patterns. For example, how to improve flow in rap, you can gradually raise your vocal tone until it peaks on top of your rhymes or the beats within the bar. Kick and snare drums are often played on the four beats of each bar as well. These are often the loudest instruments in hip-hop instrumentals, therefore they are ideal for increasing the intensity and energy of your vocals.

  • Deliver with logical context

Everything in music is about context, which means how everything interacts and links. When you experiment with your rap delivery, make sure it makes sense in context with the rest of the song. For example, don't try to seem furious if your lyrics are about how much you love your mother. Or, if the music is very dark and lonely, you may not want to sound overly cheerful.

  • Rap with control

You also need to ensure that you have good vocal control. Making sure you have enough space to breathe is one simple way to accomplish this. The more air you deplete from your lungs, the less energy you will have for your rap delivery.


Remember that your rap delivery is your method of playing out the lyrics of your song, and it must elicit an emotional response from the audience. Try the above-mentioned tips for how to improve flow in rap, enhance your rap delivery and attract your audience.

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