4 tips - How to Get Rid of Singing Insecurity

4 tips - How to Get Rid of Singing Insecurity

Do you feel jealous of others and feel how you can be so natural and easy-going on stage. While you're on stage, you feel nervous, have sweaty hands, dry mouth, increased heart rate, feeling of nausea, and more. Don't worry! Being nervous is humane. And the best thing is you're not the only one going through stage fright. Even the most seasoned artists with a lot of confidence, the famous ones, and the experienced ones do regularly feel this way. This nervousness comes from the feeling of insecurity. As a beginner, you may suffer from this insecurity at the extremity, but gradually it starts fading away.

To appear calm and natural during the stage performance, you must get rid of the singing insecurity. At UNION Recording Studio, we assist our clients with different musical services and also help them by giving useful tips to improve themselves as an artist. In this article, we will learn about the four tips to get rid of singing insecurity.

1. Prepare yourself for the performance

Preparing yourself is the key ingredient of giving a good performance.

Preparation has two parts. One is to work with a trained vocal guide to make sure that your voice is technically secure. This would make your performance easy as you would not have to worry about how you can hit that high note when you are on stage. You're prepared with vocalizing and your tones.

The other part of preparation is to work with your nerves. Allow your nerves to be there but to your advantage. Let not your nerves take you off your performance but use the adrenaline that helps you have better performance. So, let your adrenaline rush off just before you are about to perform. For this, you need to prepare your body with simple exercises such as running on the spot, raising your heart rate, and then rehearing your song. In doing these, you become desensitized to the rapid heartbeat while singing the song.

2. Visualize the performance

This is another important tip for all stage performers. Visualize how you want your performance to go, listen to the music in your mind, visualize the audience, get the feel of being on stage, and understand there is no reason to fret. It's just the audience in front of you who wants you to perform well. Most of our insecurities are attached to the feeling of what and how others feel about us. It's human nature to give priority to the perceptions of others about us, and this often gets in our way to give our 100% to our performance. So, forget to think about how others perceive you. And this forgetfulness becomes easy if you remember the audience in front of you is there for you and they consider you good enough.

3. Start with small exposure

One of the best ways to overcome stage fright is to expose yourself. So start by performing in front of your family and friend and let them know that performing in front of them would help you to improve.

Now take yourself to the next level by performing in a bar, or nightclub, solo in a church or giving a street performance. Try to perform as much as possible in these safe environments wh ere you need not worry about the audience's criticism. These help to build up your confidence.

4. Practice

And the last and most important tip for all stage performers is to practice. It's not just a quote but a proven fact that practicing makes a man perfect. Whether you are at your lunch table, in the shower, in a car, on a crowded train, or waiting at a metro station, you must keep on practicing. Practicing helps in lyrics memorization and vocal improvisations. And these, in turn, will make you more confident.


These four tips help you to prepare yourself for the big performance. Once you have adopted these tips, be light-hearted. Once you have mastered your techniques and learned to conquer the stage fright, you will enjoy your performance. Don't worry about minor mistakes while performing. Every one of us makes mistakes, even the most seasoned ones. Just remember, when you enjoy the performance, your audience will also definitely enjoy it.

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