Gerardo Figueroa

At UNION Recording Studio, we take great pride in our group of exceptionally talented and knowledgeable sound engineers who are essential to realizing your musical aspirations. Several Grammy-nominated sound engineers who are enthusiastic about music and committed to giving music artists the best possible recording experiences work at our recording studio in Los Angeles.

Why Should You Hire Our Sound Engineers?

A sincere love for Music: Our engineers' genuine love for music drives them to devote themselves to every project. Their love of music makes them dive deep to capture the essence of your performance and give the best result.

Trained and Skilled: Our engineers are highly skilled professionals from a music background. They have several hours of experience in studio sessions, which helped them to develop their skills.

Frequently Reviewed to Maintain Quality: At our recording studio in Hollywood, we work dedicatedly to produce outstanding results. We continually review the work of our engineers. It ensures that the recordings and mixes meet the highest musical quality.

Earn Satisfied Clients: Our engineers consistently receive excellent feedback from our clients, demonstrating their exceptional skills. They collaborate easily with music artists, bringing musical visions to life thanks to their keen attention to detail and willingness to take on new challenges.

Working with the best recording studio in Hollywood gives you access to a group of sound engineers who genuinely care about your music and want to help you realize your artistic vision. Whether you're a budding music artist or a seasoned pro, our talented engineers bring out the best in your talent.

You can take advantage of the skill and professionalism of our sound engineers at UNION Recording Studio. At our recording studio in Los Angeles, we're here to support you in achieving your musical goals, one standout album at a time. Start creating music to appeal to audiences at large with us right away.

Gerardo Figueroa

Reboost Engineer

Based in Los Angeles, Gerardo brings over eight years of expertise to the music world, specializing in a variety of genres from hip hop to house. His skills span tracking, mixing, mastering, and both vocal and song production. What makes Gerardo stand out is his personal touch in blending technology with the true essence of music, fostering genuine connections with artists and helping them bring their vision to life. His dedication and innovative approach have not only made him a respected name in music production but also a trusted partner to musicians looking to explore new sounds. As Gerardo continues to push the boundaries of his craft, his commitment to quality and creativity remains key to his professional identity.

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